OneNote & SharePoint 2016 – Mouse is not working

Today I faced a problem with OneNote 2016 and OneNote notebooks stored in SharePoint 2016 on premises.

Opening the Notebook the first time – everything was fine. The mouse worked as expected. As soon as I wanted to synchronize my notebook, a authentication prompt was shown. After entering my credentials OneNote started to sync.

BUT: I was no longer able to move the cursor with the mouse.

How to solve this issue?

First: a quick search on google.
There are plenty of results and discussions on this topic.

Here are the steps to solve this issue:

  1. Internet Explorer – Security Settings
    1. Options > Security > Trusted Sites
    2. Add your SharePoint and MySite URLs
  2. Windows Credential Store – Store your Credentials
    1. New windows credentials
      1. Enter the URL of your SharePoint server
      2. Enter your login-Information
    2. Repeat 1 for all other SharePoint web applications

One thought on “OneNote & SharePoint 2016 – Mouse is not working

  1. That worked, thanks! I was going crazy with this. I recently changed my corporate password and since then, I could log in using old password but once I connected to VPN, locked my computer to sync up passwords, I could no longer log in using either password, and latest password gave me error “the trust relationship between the workstation and the domain failed”.
    Since then, I had been constantly asked for my credentials when I go to SharePoint (via direct hyperlink or using OneNote with notebooks stored there), causing mouse to freeze in OneNote when log in prompt is displayed:

    This fix to restore the trust relationship also works in my case to prevent the prompt:

    “The easy fix is to blow away the computer account within the Active Directory Users and Computers console and then rejoin the computer to the domain. Doing so reestablishes the broken-trust relationship. This approach works really well for workstations”


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