OneNote & SharePoint 2016 – Mouse is not working

Today I faced a problem with OneNote 2016 and OneNote notebooks stored in SharePoint 2016 on premises.

Opening the Notebook the first time – everything was fine. The mouse worked as expected. As soon as I wanted to synchronize my notebook, a authentication prompt was shown. After entering my credentials OneNote started to sync.

BUT: I was no longer able to move the cursor with the mouse.

How to solve this issue?

First: a quick search on google.
There are plenty of results and discussions on this topic.

Here are the steps to solve this issue:

  1. Internet Explorer – Security Settings
    1. Options > Security > Trusted Sites
    2. Add your SharePoint and MySite URLs
  2. Windows Credential Store – Store your Credentials
    1. New windows credentials
      1. Enter the URL of your SharePoint server
      2. Enter your login-Information
    2. Repeat 1 for all other SharePoint web applications