Start all SharePoint Health Analyzer Jobs

“SharePoint Health Analyzer is a feature in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 that enables administrators to schedule regular, automatic checks for potential configuration, performance, and usage problems in the server farm. Any errors that SharePoint Health Analyzer finds are identified in status reports that are made available to farm administrators in Central Administration.” (MSDN)


In some scenarios SharePoint Health Analyzer helped me out a lot. The messages give a clear starting point to search for the error source. But, there is one thing that bothers me a lot. SharePoint Health Analyzer relies on Time jobs which are usually run on a hourly to weekly schedule. Therefore if you are trying to fix a reported issue there won’t be no immediate feedback.

Even the Button “reanalyze now” won’t give you an immediate feedback – in some cases the reported issues persisted, even if this is already solved.

To get around this I use the following lines of Power Shell to start all Health Analyzer Jobs at once:

Get-SPTimerJob | ? {$_.TypeName -like "*Health*"} | Start-SPTimerJob

or the long variant of the above

Get-SPTimerJob | ? {$_.TypeName -eq "Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Health.SPHealthAnalyzerJobDefinition"} | Start-SPTimerJob


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