Activate Hyper-V Feature on Windows 10 using PowerShell DSC

Recently I got a new laptop and I am planning to configure the laptops OS the best way possible.

As I’m a big fan of PowerShell DSC I want to use PowerShell DSC for this configuration. I did use PowerShell DSC in many customer engagements with Windows Server OS. Sadly the switch to Windows 10 was not as smooth as expected.

PowerShell Execution Policy

The very first and major blocking error was the PowerShell Execution Policy. Per default the PowerShell Execution Policy on Windows 10 is set to RemoteSigned. Not every DSC Module is remote-signed. A possible solution is not pretty: Setting the execution policy to a lower level of security.

BTW: This ExecutionPolicy blocks also the Domain Join of a Windows 10 VM in Azure (see: Error: “Resource”.psm1 is not digitally signed)

WindowsFeature Resource

As part of my configuration I did want to setup Hyper-V. Windows Features can be configured by using the WindowsFeature Resource. There is just one limitation that will error during runtime: The WindowsFeature Resource does require functions, that are only available in Windows Server OS. During runtime of the configuration there will be the following error message:

“Installing roles and features using PowerShell Desired State Configuration is supported only on Server SKU’s. It is not supported on Client SKU.”

To get around this issue I created the following Script Resource:

Script Hyper-V
GetScript = {
Write-Verbose "Get current status for Microsoft-Hyper-V Feature"
$hyperVFeatureState = Get-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V -Online -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
return @{
Result = $hyperVFeatureState
SetScript = {
Write-Verbose "Activating Microsoft-Hyper-V Feature"
Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V -All
TestScript = {
Write-Verbose "Test the current status for Microsoft-Hyper-V Feature"
$hyperVFeatureState = & ([ScriptBlock]::Create($GetScript))
Write-Verbose "Current status is: $($hyperVFeatureState.Result.State)"
return $hyperVFeatureState.Result.State -eq 'Enabled'


If you never heard of chocolatey head over to their website: The package manager for Windows. Chocolatey is a package manager for windows and allow you to install software from their repository very easy. The even provide a DSC Resource to automate this process even further.

Implementing the cChocoInstaller comes with a small hurdle: Make sure you have the InstallDir created before using the cChocoInstaller resource. I use a File Resource in dependency with chocolatey to avoid this glitch.




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