Sharing is caring – a good example

During the last month I was building a new web application with an extensive user interface. There were no requirements focusing on the design. This decision was up to me. What now? I did not want to start from scratch.

I had used the Office UI Fabric in other projects before and was thrilled to get my hands dirty with the ngOfficeUIFabric Angular directives. I started with a simple form which implements few inputs. As the project grew more complex more input fields were needed. By now nearly each directive is in use.

Complex projects are the best test cases for new implementations. With that in mind I wasn’t surprised to find some issues with the ngOfficeUIFabric.

I started to address these issues at the github repo of the ngOfficeUIFabric project and was able to fix some of them myself. By now all of the initial issues I had are fixed.

Mikael Svenson experienced an issue with the uif-textfield directive in multiline mode. In my project the uif-textfield is by far the most popular one. When I saw Mikael’s issue I was glad to help, as I contributed on this directive before. In less than 24 hours the initial issue got resolved. Check out Mikael’s blog about the the awesome community.

After years of consumption, I am very glad to finally being able to contribute to this awesome community as well.



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