ngOfficeUIFabric – the messagebar component

How to use the ngOfficeUiFabric MessageBar directive ?

The message bar is a new Office UI Fabric component, which is part of Office UI Fabric 2.6.1.

The default message bar component

You can use the message bar to present timely information to provide key information or actions to enrich the user experience.

The message bar supports several levels of information:

  • Default (as shown above)
  • Warning – used in exceptional situations
  • Severe Warning – used situations, that could turn into a harmful one
  • Error – used for serious failure
  • Remove – used when a user faces security restrictions
  • Success – used when something went right.

The messagebar directive

The new umessagebar directive will be a part of ngOfficeUIFabric v0.11.0 release.
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SharePoint Developer Dashbord

The Developer Dashboard is a part of the SharePoint On-Premise versions. I think this feature is one of the most forgotten and underrated. Especially in large farm deployments it offers a lot of functionality to identify bugs, errors, performance issues and bottlenecks.

The SharePoint Server 2016 Developer Dashboard
SharePoint Server 2016 Developer Dashboard

How to enable the Developer Dashboard?

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SharePoint 2016 and the language packs

Start of SharePoint 2016 Installation
The start of the SharePoint 2016 Installation

Last Wednesday Microsoft released SharePoint 2016. I was able to download it via MSDN during Microsoft’s FutureofSharePoint Event and installed my first SharePoint 2016 Server today.

If you are wondering, where you can find the latest language packs, just follow this link to Microsoft: Language Packs for SharePoint Server 2016

Though they were released in march and SharePoint 2016 got released last week, they do work with SharePoint 2016. I checked with Bill BearAre these language packs up to date?



ngOfficeUIFabric – the messagebanner component

Last year Andrew Connell came up with the initiative to build Angular directives for the Office UI Fabric design framework.

Using the ngOfficeUIFabric in several customer projects, I already experienced the great advantages of these directives compared to using the original Office UI Fabric templates.

The messagebanner directive

With the recent release of 0.10.0 version of the ngOfficeUIFabric a new directive is available: the message banner.

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ngOfficeUIFabric is awesome!

During the past week the ngOfficeUiFabric got my full attention. I was working on a customer project using this awesome feature-rich Angular implementation of Office UI Fabric and had some issues with the disable-attribute for inputs and buttons.

What is ngOfficeUiFabric?

ngOfficeUiFabric are Angular directives for Office Ui Fabric. Last year, ngOfficeUiFabric was initiated by Andrew Connell who put up a github project and the respective community. By now version 0.10.0 is out and the ngOfficeUiFabric is close to reach feature parity with every Office UI Farbic component.

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