Angular Elements – the future of ngOfficeUiFabric

Vesa Juvonen gave a great keynote at the European SharePoint Conference in Dublin on Thursday last week . It was filled with many announcements supported by a fantastic speaker line up. The biggest news were about SPFx and ALM in SharePoint Online.

Keynote by Vesa Juvonen and Rob Wormald about Angular Elements in SPFx WebParts

The moment Rob Wormald from the Angular Team joined Vesa – very unexpected for a conference focused on Microsoft technology – great developments were inntroduced: Angular Elements.

Angular – A google project – is widely used in modern web development and currently there are no best practices available for using Angular in SPFx webparts. Currently the best option is: avoid using Angular in SPFx right now.

What are Angular Elements?

It’s Angular Components as web components. Web components can be used in SharePoint Modern Sites and any other JavaScript apps. The new elements will blend in every other framework.

This makes Angular Elements way more versatile in usage and handling in combination with other Frameworks like e.g. React.

The dependency on the virtual DOM and the way SPFx webparts go through a process of packaging, made the usage of Angular in SPFx webparts not attractive. If you were still going with Angular, there are very likely chances you will run into troubles or performance issues, when you try to insert more than one of your Angular SPFx webparts.

The biggest step with Angular Elements comes with: “How can it be used in a page?” The dependency on a root element becomes obsolete! This means Angular Elements is just plain JavaScript without any further dependencies after the step of compilation. This makes Angular Elements a valuable option in SPFx.

Whats the effect of this new Angular Elements for ngOfficeUiFabric?

In case you haven’t seen Andrew’s post: HERE! I think Andrew is one of the few people who can explain this difficult topic in an understandable easy way!
There are plans to start of with Angular Elements for ngOfficeUiFabric. I hope this ngOfficeUiFabric@Next project will start to fly soon.


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